Snorri & Frosti

Snorri & Frosti cover

I have a new book OUT NOW.

It’s called Snorri & Frosti and it is available as a limited edition paperback via 3:AM Press. 

Is it a short novel? A mid-sized novella? A long short story? A play? A poem? Yes. All of these. One other thing is certain: it is about two elderly brothers in a snowbound cabin somewhere in Northern Europe. Dare I say it might make a good Christmas present.

It is priced £10 and can be bought from Galley Beggar Press.Or from Amazon here. The cover artwork is by the multi-talented Christiana Spens.

Snorri & Frosti originally came out earlier in 2013 as a download via the Galley Beggar Press Singles Club. You can still download it for a mere £1.

And finally: I’ll shortly be announcing details about the publication of my next novel proper, which is due out in 2014…

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