The Folk Song Singer / Los Desaparecidos


I have two brand new short stories, The Folk Song Singer and Los Desaparecidos, published today via Galley Beggar Press.

They are being released as downloadable double A-side (punk-style) for their Singles Club. For only £2 you get both stories. The Folk Song Singer won this year’s Society Of Authors’ Tom-Gallon Prize).

Here is where you can buy them and some further information is below.


The Folk Song Singer

On a stormy night in London a music journalist interviews a reclusive female folk singer still living off the royalties off her one hit single in the 1970s. Over too many drinks she begins to drop her guard and as thunder cracks over the city, what started out as confrontation soon turns into something else entirely…

Los Desaparecidos

At a resort in Mexico a young English couple meet a wealthy ex-pat who relates a tale of politics and intrigue in the international oil business. As their holiday progresses the couple find themselves pulled back into a dangerous past that appears to be catching up with this mysterious stranger.

Thank you.




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