Beastings in The Big Issue

Beastings has been chosen by Robert Macfarlane as one of his Books Of 2014 in The Big Issue alongside (the fantastic) The Dig by Cynan Jones.

“Two strange dark works of landscape fiction caught by eye – and ear – this year; both brutal, both regional, both stripped back and pumped up…Benjamin Myers’ Beastings is about pursuit and punishment in Cumbria -a book made special by the intensity of vision and voice.”

beastings - big issue - xmas 2014

The issue is on sale now.

The good folk at Influx Press have also chosen it as one of the reads of the year, Gary Budden writing:

“Another novel that takes tropes and possibly also its style from those aforementioned US writers, but transforming into something utterly British, timeless and also quite unpleasant. At times I had images of Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter wandering through the Lake District. Another brilliant addition to a growing canon of what I’d call ‘anti-pastoral’ writing. I then went and read Myers’ 2012 novel, Pig Iron, which was also really quite good.(Also Ben Myers turned me on to the joys of English landscape death-metal and we must commend him for that at the very least.)”

See the full list here.

And finally Cadaverine Magazine have it as one of their best reads of the year too: “This pitch black tale surely mark Myers’ continued ascendancy as a contemporary novelist of note; despite, or perhaps because of, its bleakness, Beastings is a compelling and unnerving piece of prose”

Read the full review here.


Thanks to all at Bluemoose Books for the continued support and to all readers out there.

All the best for 2015.




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