Turpin’s Cave



I have a new poem A Cruel Wind Blows In From The Baltic, in the latest Tangerine Press offering. Details…

Turpin’s Cave or Poems Very Much Marked

One-off chapbook journal of new poetry.

Volume one, issue three in an ongoing series.
Issues one and two were Counterfeit Crank, Quincunx.

Due March 2015.

Contributors: Richard Kostelanetz, Jonathan Hayes, Heathcote Williams, Heidi James,
Lyn Lyfshin, Benjamin Myers, Clint Margrave, Ford Dagenham, John Dorsey, Howie Good, Jim Burns, Ivan Hobson, Joan Jobe Smith, Christian O’Keefe.

General information: 32 pages. 6″/150mm wide x 225mm/9″ tall. Handsewn at the Sick Tangerine workshop. Recycled Cairn Sapphire stiff card covers; front cover embossed with ‘Turpin’s Cave’ signature in red; 110gsm 100% recycled, acid-free, Book White text paper; 130gsm Hahnemuhle Bugra Butten Dark Red endpapers.

Strictly limited to 65 numbered copies.

Buy it here.



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