Nextinction by Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy.
Bloomsbury. Hardback, 224 pages, £35.00. Out now.

Review by Ben Myers

Try to describe Ralph Steadman’s influential and instantly recognisable style in one simple word and you may well come up with “life”. For over fifty years his artwork has burst forth with a frenzied kinetic energy that is the essence of life itself. A Steadman image pulses with blood and ejaculates bodily fluids; it is a frozen moment that assaults the senses, the closest that a static painting can come to representing true movement, and a direct challenge to any frames, pages, books or billboards to attempt to contain it.

His is a style that has taken work by creators as disparate as Ted Hughes, George Orwell, Hunter S Thompson, Lewis Carroll, Flann O’Brien and Frank Zappa and cranked it up to new levels of ocular mayhem. Steadman combines humour with energy to amplify life in all its glorious forms…

Read the full review here…

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