A Spring Address. AD2016.



Hello friends and readers,

Springs arrives after the most dramatic winter I’ve ever experienced – one of floods, landslides, three A&E visits and much more besides.

Good news for readers of depressing books though: I’m pleased to announce I’ve just signed a two-book deal to write some landscape / folk-crime novels. The first, Turning Blue, will be published in August 2016 by Moth Publishing.

It is a inspired by the Yorkshire Dales, DH Lawrence and death metal. Pigs also feature. It was edited by the wonderful William Atkins and will be followed by a sequel in August 2017.

An advance quote: “From the barren backwaters of rural England to an after-hours adult cinema in the city, award-winning novelist Myers evokes poetic and lyrical descriptions of landscape and regional rituals to explore moral corruption, animalistic behaviour and the absence of love. In doing so a new genre is spawned: folk-crime.”

I’ll also shortly be announcing details of my next novel for Bluemoose Books, rumoured to be coming out in spring/summer 2017. Though it is set in a different location and era to both, it explores similar themes to my previous two novels Beastings and Pig Iron and is part of an on-going attempt to document the lesser-explored (within contemporary literature, at least) rural corners of northern England within a wider body of work. New myths for a new epoch.

So: three novels in 18 months.

More details as and when.

See you in the bluebell woods.

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