The Sound Of Drowning


Mupper Wicker

Friends –

I’ve written the Foreword to The Sound Of Drowning, a new graphic novel/comic strip collection by writer/artist Paul O’Connell (pictured below).

It’s totally fucking insane and features, amongst others, the modern comic classic ‘A Muppet Wicker Man’.

Sound of Drowning

“O’Connell siphons up the clutter of pop cultural detritus – the bloated half-mad pop stars, the dictators, fake Gods and TV stars of yesteryear – and filters it all through his sleep-disturbed, over-sugared imagination. What pops out at the end is like Willy Wonka’s everlasting gobstopper: a gift that keeps on revealing new flavours and tones….”


You can read more about it or pledge via Kickstarter now.

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