Opinion: Maybe it’s time for Jesse Hughes to take a break

The Eagles Of Death Metal frontman should stop using the media as therapy following the Bataclan attacks

Even by rock star standards, Jesse Hughes has always been something of an anomaly. As a former Republican Party speechwriter and ordained pastor – albeit one in the non-denominational Universal Life Church who, for $50 let just about anyone be confirmed as a minister – his curriculum vitae has always suggested a far from conventional underdog.

The way he tells it, he was the geek being bullied by the big guys at the pool party until a beefy young gentleman named Joshua Homme stepped in and offered – literally – a hand of friendship, that would in time lead him into the inner circle of Queens Of The Stone Age and then fronting his own band Eagles Of Death Metal.

Hughes is also someone who has never shied away from espousing conservative political beliefs nor reflecting on the Christian faith that has so clearly shaped his worldview. But he is also funny, playful, charming and articulate, and in possession of a rapid fire wit and an energy that is perhaps a residual effect of past dalliances with Class A drugs…

Read the full piece here.



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