Shadows & Reflections



I’ve accidentally walked twice the length of Britain this year. 1600 miles or so.

I made some notes & took some photos along the way for a Shadows & Reflections piece for Caught By The River:

In times of uncertainty I find myself turning to nature more than ever.

To rock and water, soil and sky. To upland moor bogs and woodlands as silent as green cathedrals.

Place your palm on a boulder that has been knuckling its way out of the sod for four hundred thousand years and contemporary concepts such as “America”, “Britain” and Europe” suddenly appear irrelevant.

I have spent the better part of 2016 outside: walking, swimming, exploring. Picking things up, and then putting them down again. I have carved a trail through Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales, the East Riding, Hadrian’s Wall in Northumbria, the Scottish Borders of Berwickshire and, most of all, discovered new routes around the Upper Calder Valley, West Yorkshire which, by accident rather than design, features at the heart of several forthcoming book projects…

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