New Novel Announcement

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My new novel These Darkening Days will be published September 22nd 2017 by Moth/Mayfly Press.

It is a folk-crime novel that follows on from my previous book Turning Blue; a sequel if you will, though one which hopefully works as a stand-alone piece of rural noir.

It explores themes such as scapegoating, old mythologies, mass hysteria, truth, place and media manipulation of a small rural town against a wider backdrop of a Britain on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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These Darkening Days

By Benjamin Myers

The return of Mace and Brindle.

Journalist Roddy Mace is struggling to stay sober and hold down a job whilst completing the writing of a true crime book. Alone and on a leave of absence from his specialist crime unit, Cold Storage, Detective James Brindle is rapidly unravelling as he forensically examines his own failings in the case that brought him and Mace together a year earlier. His only hope is to return to work and to lose himself in a new case.

As autumn descends on a remote Pennine valley a woman is savagely attacked. The identity of her assailant proves illusive but her colourful past in the amateur world of adult entertainment makes her a tabloid sensation overnight.

When further attacks on women and men occur the valley turns inwards and hysteria grows. Suspicion falls on local teenager Tony Garner, poacher, petty-criminal and failed drug dealer.

In an attempt to save their jobs and themselves, Brindle and Mace reunite to explore uncover old myths, new fears and a deep history of folk-crimes on the bleak moorlands.

In These Darkening Days a rural idyll is shattered by paranoia, violence and an outbreak of group hysteria and its community becomes the focus of an accelerating media that favours immediacy over truth.

These Darkening Days is inspired by real life events that took place in the Upper Calder Valley, West Yorkshire in the 1930’s.

Published September 29th 2017 by Moth / Mayfly Press.

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