New Statesman review


Review by Ben Myers

Walking on Lava: Selected Works for Uncivilised Times

The Dark Mountain Project

Chelsea Green Publishing. 288 pp, £14.99, paperback.

Coral reefs are dead or dying and great ice shelves collapsing. The air is polluted, the oceans swirl thick with litter, oil and chemicals, and multiple extinctions of endangered creatures are happening every year due to a combination of rising seas, pesticides, land and species mismanagement and further acts of corporate greed. It’s difficult to see how future human life as we have known it will be sustainable over the next few millennia, without entering new realms of artificiality or the colonisations of another planet. That’s if we survive at all.

The only real solution is to stop everything. Stop right now. Everyone. Look around. Ask: is it worth it? And also: how long is left? Even then, with a large percentage of the planet’s population either trying to get food, sanitation and clean water, or in bafflingly aggressive denial, this seems unlikely.

An international network, the Dark Mountain Project is one such attempt to jolt collective thinking by corralling writers, artists, thinkers and doers into addressing, halting and reversing ecocide, primarily via the sharing of new narratives.

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