Visit Manchester

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I was interviewed by Emily Oldfield of Visit Manchester.

Benjamin Myers is no stranger to the dark North and learning from the landscape.

“There’s something to be said for being out somewhere and not seeing another human being.” The award-winning writer told us from his home in Mytholmroyd, the village in West Yorkshire’s Calder Valley perhaps best-known as the birthplace of former Poet Laureate Ted Hughes.

 Myers moved to the area from London in 2009, based on the admittedly ‘risky’ impressions of a ’20-minute visit’ and ‘curiosity’, crucially.

“On certain walks you can do down here, you don’t even see modern life,” he added. “It’s almost a form of time travel. Wandering in the hills, valleys, fields… turn a corner and you will stumble across something, relics from former eras…”

Read the full piece here.


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