The Offing is published this week (August 22 2019).

Here is what the press are saying…

“A shift in direction for [Myers] as he moves to a mainstream publisher, but one that has paid off gloriously in this intense and evocative novel that brings to mind JL Carr’s A Month In The Country” – Alex Preston, The Guardian, Books for 2019.

“Book by book, over the past decade, Ben Myers has proved himself to be one of the most singular, moving and crucial voices of our times, making The Offing one of the must-read books of the year.” – David Peace

“This quiet, lyrical novel confirms a powerful new voice.” – The Times

“What a radical thing, these days, to have written a book so full of warm and kindness…gorgeous.” – Max Porter, author of Lanny and Grief Is A Thing With Feathers

“One of the most interesting, restless writers of his generation….Unfurling at the unhurried pace of a fern, it’s an evocatively lyrical paean to the countryside — deeply felt and closely observed.” – Daily Mail

“This is a poetic book with a winning generosity of spirit, moving from a folksy celebration of the rural north to a revelation of the broader horizons that can come from reading and some serious culture.” – Sunday Times

“Beautiful and evocative landscape writing, as you’d expect, but also a sensitive exploration of love, growing up, friendship and becoming an artist. Dulcie Piper is one of the best characters I’ve read in ages and I already miss her.” – Jenn Ashworth

“A moving and subtle novel in many ways, infused with a love of the minute pleasures in life, and the lasting regrets…It is a book that puts a woman centre stage (and Dulcie likes to be the centre of attention) without condescension and without reproof…The true wonder of this book is that it is actually about goodness.” – Stuart Kelly, The Scotsman 

“A sweet and sensual coming of age novel, this story of a young man whose limited experience and prospects are opened up before us. Robert’s senses are awakened and his mind is liberated in friendship with a crazy wise old Englishwoman, a shaman tucked away in the north-east of 1940s England.” – Tim Pears

“A gorgeous summer of a book, quietly and precisely what the world needs, calling friendship and gentleness from people, place and language, The Offing is about the best of us. It is to be treasured and passed on.” – Horatio Clare

“Ben Myers once again writes a rich backdrop of the natural world for this deeply, tender, timely and necessary story abut the power of relationships across the boundaries of age, class and gender. Everyone reading this book of hope will wish that at sixteen they had met a Dulcie Piper too.” – Luke Turner, author of Out Of The Woods.

“This is a new departure for Myers…it reminds of a time when David Bowie could serve up something new with almost every album. The Offing, then, is Myers’s own Low.” – Cally Callomon (Books of the Year So Far, Caught By The River)

“A tender, tragic but warming story of love and living amid the flux of time, the sea and the seasons, The Offing is both beautiful and beautifully told. Through it’s pages, Myers carefully and thoughtfully reaffirms the values and riches of human connection, freedom and the joy of living on your own terms, echoing the small, rural stage-play intensity of classics like A Month In The Country. Much like Robert Appleyard, we leave Dulcie Piper and her home with a sense of knowledge, horizon and the endless potentiality of being alive.” – Rob Cowen, author of Common Ground.

“This is what folk music would look like if it came in written form” – The Crack, Book of the Month.

“Myers’ eye for the natural world is as good as ever, and his receptive sympathy with animal life produces some wonderful images: the badger Robert sees in the night, for example, gnawing at a worm “as if it were a child chewing on a cherry bootlace plucked from a penny-poke of pick-and-mix’”, or “the deep green and magnesium” of the fish Robert takes up to Dulcie’s cottage, “their bellies the colour of molten lead.” – The Herald


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