Martin Parr’s Return To Manchester (Manchester Art Gallery, 2018)

Benjamin Myers reading a creative response to Martin Parr’s Return To Manchester exhibition, commissioned by Manchester Literature Festival (2018).

Read the words here. Or listen to an audio recording here.



Backlisted Podcast

A discussion of Alma Cogan by Gordon Burn with Adelle Stripe and hosts Andy Miller and John Mitchinson, recorded in October 2017.

Listen here.


‘Fake News: The President As Murderer or ‘Why I Want To Fuck Donald Trump’ (2017)

An audio-essay film, commissioned by Durham Book Festival for the ‘News As Novel’ event with Lionel Shriver and Alexei Sayle, October 2017. Written and read by Benjamin Myers. Production by Rob St. John



Short promo film for Turning Blue (2016).



The Mansio: The Movie (2015/2016)

30 minute film about a writing commission on Hadrian’s Wall featuring Daljit Nagra, Kathleen Jamie, Hollie McNish, Malachy Tallack, David Almond, Lemn Sissay, colette Bryce and me. I’m on at the 14 minute mark.

Click here to watch it.


‘Lower Middle Class Hero’: The End Of All Things podcast interview by Rob Cutforth  (2016)


BBC Look North news feature on Benjamin Myers and the legacy of Gordon Burn (2014).


Gordon Burn Prize music

Music composed by David Brewis (Field Music / School Of Language), inspired by the five novels shortlisted for the inaugural Gordon Burn Prize (2014)


Subaltern Podcast.

Interview with Benjamin Myers by Nikesh Shukla (November 2013).


Reading from Pig Iron, at home (2012).


Reading of an old poem, The Shit Kicking (2008)


Reading The Fish Tank (2008).


The Missing Kidney (2008)

Trailer for a book that never was, and never will be.



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