The Raven Or Jórvíkshire

Tangerine Press. 2017. 16 pages.

Featuring  five poems and limited to 23 numbered and signed copies, The Raven Or Jórvíkshire is #23 in Tangerine Press’s Sick Fly series of chapbooks.

The poems are: ‘The Raven Of Jórvíkshire’, ‘The Taking Of The Town’, ‘An Elegy For England’, ‘The Death Of The North’ and ‘Mourning In America’.

Other writers featured in the series include Billy Childish, William Wantling, Chris Wilson, Akiko Yosano, Dominic Cooper, Tim Wells, Mick Guffan etc.

General print information: c.6″/150mm wide x 300mm/12″ tall. Hand-sewn at the Sick Tangerine workshop. Recycled Cairn Almond stiff card covers; front cover design embossed in black. 100% recycled, acid-free text paper.

Buy a copy here.



Heathcliff Adrift

New Writing North. 2014 (1st edition) / 2015 (2nd edition).

Heathcliff Adrift is collection of poems by Benjamin Myers, and also an exhibition alongside b/w landscape images by photographer Nick Small. It covers Heathcliff’s ‘missing’ three years in Wuthering Heights, when he leaves Haworth a boy and returns a wealthy man. The poems explore moorland landscapes, seasonal shifts etc.

It was commissioned by New Writing North for Durham Book Festival 2014 and funded by Arts Council England. The exhibition opened in Durham Cathedral in October 2014, appeared at The Bronte Parsonage throughout 2015 and featured in a film about Ben for BBC1’s Countryfile.

The book: limited edition of 100 copies. 24 pages; handsewn; 325gsm recycled Cairn stiff card covers (colour tbc); 100gsm Heritage Book White acid-free text paper with 130gsm Hahnemuhle Bugra Butten acid-free endpapers. Hot foil stamped front cover.

First edition: beige / fawn cover (SOLD OUT).

Second edition: dark blue cover.

£10.00 each plus postage. Buy a copy here.

Printed by Tangerine Press.



Spam: Email Inspired Poems

Blackheath Books, 2008

Limited to 125 copies. Signed and numbered by the author. A handful of copies are left to buy here.



Nowhere Fast - cover - stringed

Brutalism 1: Nowhere Fast.

Captains Of Industry. 2007

Poetry chapbook co-written with Tony O’Neill and Adelle Stripe. Each section features poems about growing up n the north of England. Benjamin Myers’ poems include: ‘The Willy Watcher’, ‘The Shit Kicking, ‘People Who Drank In The Angel’. Limited to 300 string-bound copies with card cover line drawings by Lisa Cradduck. A few copies are left to purchase. Enquire within.




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